Friday, May 19, 2006


Dearest readers,

I have moved to
having 3 blogs to catogorize writing drove me and you crazy :)
i hope you don't mind a simple template over there... i'm still trying to get with the template changing over there.. i dont know honestly :)

Enjoy life people

Saturday, May 06, 2006

100 Things about moi

Every body is about the orange revolution so i thought enkhafif eshway :)

Before very long time The Don posted his 100 things to know about him and this weekend was finally my turn to do it. It took me really long _i know_ And longer to think of 100 things about my self, its just tooo hard to talk about me.

It drove me crazy in a way (as if i wasn't before) but being in school most of the time which means having a note pad all the time, i made it and wrote the 100 things, and honestly i didnt check what i worte, just listed them randomly .. Let's see :

  1. I never cared about the weather I just enjoy it like a new toy
  2. I love surprises
  3. I cry a lot _I hate it_ and many times I'm not able to control it.
  4. I love my mother more than anything in this world, and this can make me cry too
  5. I realized, I've got lots of secrets and never thought of them as secrets.
  6. I have a big fat note book with my friends son with all my "badleyat"
  7. Behind the person who I am and what I want to be… my father is.
  8. I had a crush on someone whom I felt my father within.
  9. He rejected me of course. I don’t know why I told him in the first place and why I've been rejected (i didn't like his excuse).
  10. I could never abuse anything else than my self
  11. Piano is my passion
  12. Living without tennis, squash, swimming,...etc is no life to me
  13. I can't Study for exams
  14. I can understand and feel a pet more than a human being specially girls.
  15. I'm thankful my father choose my mother as a wife, she's my strength.
  16. I've never experienced love
  17. Salsa, meringue, sway and waltz are what I love to dance, belly dance is only for fun.
  18. I can put my life on hold for the sake of my family
  19. I still buy toys
  20. Hand crafts are no. 1 in my daily routine, planting is included here
  21. Hate; is not in my dictionary, no matter what happens
  22. I pity lots of the people I know,because they know they can. (like me in some feilds)
  23. I don't fight
  24. I never cheated
  25. The only person I lied to was my mother :S
  26. I see my self as a new person every 6 months
  27. Hobbies: can't stop searching for a new one
  28. I've been trying to reach my ideal weight for 5 years now
  29. Didn't gaine a kilo since then, till the past 5 months I gained 7 kilos
  30. I can do anything alone, which makes people judge me a lot
  31. I'm always smiling even when its not on my face
  32. I miss having weekends
  33. I love busy days
  34. I can feel god around me
  35. My emotional strength needs some work , I'm a C graded student there (In emotional strenght)
  36. I'm still in school, because I didn’t' fight for my rights and didn’t' tell anyone about it to help.
  37. I lost 3 years of my college years because of that
  38. lots of times I'm too lazy to study
  39. I forget…. Sometimes; I forgive.
  40. I believe school is a good way to waste time ( I love it thou)
  41. I strongly hold on the fact that a gentlemen should say hi first, I can't compromise it.
  42. People always always believe I know everything when I know nothing.
  43. Engines of expensive toys make me feel in heaven
  44. I don't see my self in the country by the coming 20 years, although i might.
  45. I can't live without a pen and a paper.
  46. I love buying pens and going to bookstores
  47. I'm very shy and always act otherwise, which explains my stupid acts sometimes
  48. I respect Hard workers and workaholics
  49. I can talk about any subject without having a title.
  50. I can bow for every parent I've met.
  51. In public, I love waving to kids, but it always puts me in trouble with their father!
  52. After making few silly jokes I can consider my self as a geek
  53. I love buying gifts for special ones without any special occasion
  54. I only count my money when I write them down in my expenses book then forget about them .
  55. I believe I have green hands, I can plant anything any time and it will grow
  56. My plants are like my friends I can let the seed open and grow but can't let it last
  57. I get really tired from talking, my throat starts to burn, after few words.
  58. I advice people a lot and they always say "yes mummy" I didn’t mean to be one!
  59. I never failed a class in my life until I met someone who needed my help and I failed 4 classes.
  60. I can spend a whole day without saying a word to anyone.
  61. I'm in a big "life compromising phase" and not driving my car again is one of them
  62. I can spend a whole month without watching TV, I just do it for the heck of it
  63. I love hugs, but I'm to shy to share them
  64. I'm worried of having a wrinkled skin and saggy breasts
  65. I enjoy it when people judge me
  66. I think cyber love should be called Loucy, I had a loucy once.
  67. I've never been to a club (it was 5 min away),or drink.
  68. I never smoked but tried a sip once
  69. I love having muscles, its fun, feeling them move
  70. I was the biggest in my high school class, yet the best in (al wathb al 3ali!)
  71. I'm never formal with my pals but they are always formal with me
  72. I enjoy playing with Turkish coffee cups
  73. I Love my espresso triple shots
  74. The only time I stopped eating chocolates was in the US for more than a year
  75. My first e-mail was back in 1992 or 94 ish, just to teas my sister.
  76. The only knives i eat with are the spreader; cheeze; fish; greapefruit knifes.
  77. I love my past, it was lots of fun
  78. I would jump into the sea or stand under the rain just to be wet, but too shy to do it
  79. I can't be without my bracelet, necklace or earrings; they have special meanings
  80. Now I'm waiting for my 1-love-you pen :)
  81. I love souvenirs
  82. I'm afraid of getting bold
  83. I should go study instead of writing this
  84. I have the most sensitive skin ever
  85. My skin get irritated from others with beard
  86. I can say I'm very good with kids and can handle them very well. "proudly"
  87. I need my father
  88. I don’t understand people
  89. I love kissing my brother's bold head, it smells good
  90. Zeena, Jasmine are my favorite girls names
  91. Jose, Ali, and abdulwahab are my favorite boys names
  92. I love sleeping, although I wish I don't have to do so
  93. I want to sleep a straight 24 hours and never sleep again
  94. People always get me wrong
  95. I love to laugh
  96. I'm the best person on earth "keefy"
  97. I love to tease and tease and tease, non stop
  98. Once I had six packs and huge triceps, people made fun of me.
  99. I love my body despite the fat
  100. Oh gosh the list is done , i can't believe it...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dance, With love

Some Songs to chill you up,

Enjoy ...

Michael Buble:
Some Salsa:

(click on title to download)

Muchas Bessos mi amigos.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pre-stuck-in-home-studing Action

One night..
A wonderful red headed lady knocked on my screen just to show me this

And laugh my a$$ off the chair. True it was one day in the middle of the day i left a meeting to do one phone call for the coming hour An appointment to take it all off 30cm long of my hair ...
Thanks lovely red head :*
You'r Z BeZt

------- I'm not Bold yet -------

Foug Sheenhoum Gowaat 3eenhoum!!

She went to that guy and told him she have a big crush on him.. he respectfully rejected her... she did it again later ... and he rejected her again... Yet... In public... she still acts as if nothing happened . what happened to the word (7aya!) don't girls have it any more... gowat 3een ray7a to the guy and told him she wants to be with him ... 2nd ya yuma este7ay 3ala damich and disappear, Disappear girl ! Don't you agree?

.... KD's,$, 1.000.000Euro....

Socially Big Fat Buzz !

Lately i've been a good social active person ..
It should remove the active part of it because it hell lazy life...
all you do it go grgrgrgrgr (talk alot), eat, drive your car, wear high heels and blow
dry your hair..
Its such a waste of time and money for gods sake add to that BACK ACHE! high heels are soo not healthy at all, i can't understand why designers have to make all these beautiful shoes in million inch hight! I love petit girls they are so much fun to tease.

yet i'll do it again, more often and alot :) ... its fun... women can be teased so easily and they are so funny, no matter How intelectual they are or what degree they hold, they all get upset and angry and babble about that same thing
over and over and over ... i wonder don't they get tired?!

I learned new tip about girls; never laugh while cursing them, they get it fast..

I love my girls
Specially if i take one of you and multiply it by X number
i would've mentioned all of you in 2 lines :P

Chill out people and have TONS of fun
Don't worry about politics your voice wont reach them anyway

BTW i'm still on my diet ... try to elaborate the picture to the subject it would make it more fun

i'm being such a nerdy geek LOL
Wansa makes your life WANASA :P

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What you don't know about KU!

A university is a place where you learn, educate and work. It's a place where students with thirst for education, get their degrees to start a life of their own afterwards. An establishment where a seat of higher learning is housed, including administrative and living quarters as well as facilities for research and teaching (Princeton)

University is derived from the Latin universitas, meaning corporation

In Kuwait, A university has a different definition, especially when it comes to Kuwait University; where students from all over the occupied area that doesn't exceed 17.000 Km2 meet in one small place to learn. Learning is different in this place; it doesn't serve the academic field only. They learn how to cheat in exams, how to lie on teachers, how to use diplomatic tactics and kiss some behinds, act naive , how to get sick leaves ;when to use them and what health problems would excuse their unattended classes and last but not least they learn the big fat Vitamin used in the country, what we call "Wasta". If you don't learn any of these in two years prior your acceptation as a student in Kuwait University you will definitely spend triple these years to graduate, simply because, who doesn't learn those skills, will defiantly get lost with the immediate; just been remembered dignity of the professors -if I may call them that- and you won't be allowed to see your exam paper unless you agree on the professors' proposal "If you see your paper I'll change your grade to F (fail)"

Those are the students, now what about the teachers?!
This needs a whole chapter on its own.

There are many types of teachers as it is with all human beings, there is the good and there is the bad. I'd like to leave my emotions express how those teachers or what we call the Doctors -in honor for their PhD's- as the student see' them.

First of all, the Mother teacher/Dr. (the best of them all) she will be the one supporting the students and encouraging them to work hard. She is direct; teaches her lecture and leave the class. She is Very formal, very professional and very strict with the rules and regulations of KU. If any of the students were in trouble she'll be there for them. They feel her support and trust, on the other hand The Mother Teacher/Dr. can always tell who's lying and who's saying the truth, If she had to reject a student, in a very sweet and polite way that will be, with wishes of good luck. If any future problem occurred, there would be no one better than her to refer to for a word of advice.

The second type is the Single Women Teacher/Dr. very hyperactive, ambitious to the extreme and gives lots of advises. She would be running after the students making sure they got good grades, Her anger would blow up at any moment from any little thing that have happened, yet it depends on her mood.. So she's moody very moody, emotional, Very. She'll be the student's friend who is their enemy at the same time. She's very friendly with her class but if she hated one of them for whatever the reason was specially, if the hated student was a female, she would talk about the girl all the time, with every single person in the faculty but if it was a guy she would ask him to come to her office to talk and help him out after few lies/excuses from him. She would be the only teacher whom you would meet all the time at school at every single corner, she stays for hours after school and works on weekends too, it doesn't end there, weekends are holly so a weekend project won't bother. Many of The Single Teacher/Dr. type are very angry women and they hate beautiful/married/pregnant female students while many others would just fit the definition of angels on earth.

Then there are the male teachers; I never met a single Dr. yet but I saw two kinds, The Horny Dr. and The Religious Dr.

The horny one will always ask you to visit him in his office. In class he's very strict and direct but very sweet and funny in his office; he simply wears two masks one for class and one especially for you (female students) in his office. He would try his best to touch you in any way weather it's your hand or your hair; he wouldn't mind tapping you on your shoulder or maybe a push forward on your back. When he enters the class he check on the girls first, counts them then share some jokes with the boys, he is usually a straight (A) kind of a teacher -of course for the ladies- all she have to do is add extra perfume, show some cleavage/s but if it is a guy, oh poor man, he have to be super friendly with this teacher/Dr. and use your biggest Wasta. Never believe his promises; he usually forgets what he promised and who he promised what.

The religious teacher on the other hand is what we all love, he is handsome, (many with belly's) he supports women and has one straight word; no means no and yes means yes, never swings with his idea, he is honest , he comes to the class, teach, help the students understand everything about the subject and leave... No personal curves (increasing a student's grade from a C to an A) no hush hush games under the table. He would help the whole class and raise their grades and never checks the name list again. He usually give 2 hours for the student to check their exam paper and always great them with a big wide smile on his face and always repeats the same words "no curves, don't try hard. You got what you deserve end of story". No one can cheat on such a Teacher/Dr. He makes you live real education years without confusion with his transparency and his admired personality.

Now this shows you how most of our teachers are.